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Metal Roofing manufacturer looking for Insured Installation Crews, metal installation experience helpful but not required. Training available for motivated, dependable, quality installers. Service area to include Indiana, Kentucky & Ohio.

Qualified crews please email Certificate of Insurance, including both Worker’s Compensation & Liability Coverage; 3 References along with photos; Description of Work Experience, or Resume; and Contact Information to:

Amanda Moore
(317) 738-0005 Office | (317) 738-0004 Fax

Providing contractors and home owners the best metal roof. Period.

Metal Pro Roofing is an established “heavy” player in the metal roofing manufacturing and supply market, thanks to founder Chan Cornett’s commitment to 24 gauge steel in all of his metal roofing products. Cornett is a long-time veteran of the metal roofing industry, and had become frustrated with the industry standard products that posed significant quality issues for his customers. “Between denting, bending, and granular loss on stone coated products, customers were becoming increasingly frustrated with many metal products. We decided to create the best roofing product in the industry and eliminate all the quality issues customers would often experience.”
The resulting product is a beautiful and strong stamped shingle that comes in three varieties (shake, dimensional, and Spanish tile) and 6 colors. Because they only use heavy 24 gauge steel, the product is rigid to the touch. Its unique powder coating gives it the appearance of a stone coated shingle, but with none of the “rub off” risk. Says Cornett, “We set out to raise the bar in the 

Looks Much Better: Metal shingle roofs adds a touch of class to your home that regular shingle roofs just can’t provide.industry—and that’s exactly what we’ve accomplished.”

Lasts Much Longer: Other roofs need to be replaced every 9 to 12 years… but metal roofs are virtually indestructible and last forever (50-100 years). It’s the last roof you’ll ever buy.

Fire & Storm Proof: Metal shingles won’t burn in a fire and don’t get damaged in hail storms. Our lifetime warranty guarantees it.

Lower Energy Costs: You’ll save up to 25% off your energy: Metal roofs act as a thermal barrier for your home. Energy savings over the life of the roof justify the cost alone.

Lower Insurance: Let your insurance company give you 38% off your homeowner’s premium.

Increase Home Values Instantly: You’ll automatically get back 60 – 90% of the cost of the roof back from your increased home value.