We at Metal Pro Roofing are proud to boast about the permanent roofs we offer. We truly believe that what we offer is the best on the market and if we didn’t- we wouldn’t sell it to you! Because of that, you can trust we stand behind all of our products more than any other roofer.

Solar Metal Pro Roofing


Take a look at our comparison charts against other metal roofs and against other “standard” roofs. We think you’ll agree-ours really are the best.

No more worries when the next hail storm moves through. High winds-not a problem. In fact, your roof may look a little cleaner when the dust blows off. Our roofs maintain their appearance for years to come. When other roofs are beginning to show age-ours are still looking brand new. Add insurance rebates, potential tax credits, energy efficiency and you have enough to feel confident in making this decision. A metal roof immediately increased the value of your home…….why put anything else on your home!

Metal Pro Roofing

Other Metal Roofs

Metal Pro Roofing Uses State Of The Art “Powder Coating” For The Finish. Other Companies Use Stone Coated Materials Which Fade, Crack And Shed Color Stones.
“Powder Coating” Finish Has Salt Spray Testing And Has Been Proven To Have Non-Corrosive Coating. Stone Coated Finishes Will Flake And Chip Under Normal Weather Conditions.
Metal Pro Roofing Uses 24 Gauge Steel For Roofs, Which Is Strong And Durable for all rib panels, high rib panels and standing seam metal roofs.. Other Companies Use The Lighter, Less Expensive 26 Gauge Steel Or The 30 Gauge Aluminum Roofing Materials Which Are Flimsy, Bend And Crease.
50 Year, Non-Prorated, Fully Transferable Warranty. 50 Year, Limited Prorated Warranty.
Will Stand Up To Hail, Leaving No Evidence Of Damage. Will Scratch And Dent Upon Impact, Leaving Visible Blemished On The Roof.
“Batten System Technology” Can Increase Ventilation, Causing High Energy Savings. Installation Of Panels Directly On Decking, Does Not Allow For Increased Ventilation.

 Metal Pro Roofs

Asphalt Roofs

Wood Shake Roofs

Light Weight Roof 1.2-1.5 Pounds Per Sq. Ft. High Weight Products 2.5-5 Pounds Per Sq. Ft. High Weight Product 4-5 Pounds Per Sq. Ft.
Withstands Wind Speeds Up To 120 Mph. Poor Wind Resistance. Fair Wind Resistance.
Withstands Hail Stones Up To 2.5” Diameter. No Hail Resistance. Poor Hail Resistance.
Interlocking Designs Will Resist Ice Damming. Poor Nail Installation; Does Not Resist Ice Damming. Fair Installation; Does Not Resist Ice Damming.
Use 56% Recycled Materials.  This Makes Us An Ecologically Friendly Manufacturer. Non-Recycled Materials. Non-Recycled Materials.
Excellent Insulator Will Reduce Energy Bills Up To 30%. No Energy Savings. No Energy Savings.
Add Immediate Value To Your Home- Up To 85% Of The Cost Back To The Homeowner. No Value Increase. Small Value Increase.
Extremely Fire-Resistant. Poor Fire Resistance. Poor Fire Resistance.
Reduce Homeowners Insurance, Up To 40% Immediately. No Insurance Reduction. No Insurance Reduction.
50 Year, Non-Prorated, Transferable Warranty. 25 Year, Prorated Warranty. 15 Year Warranty.
Can Be Placed Over Your Existing Roof. Existing Roof Must Be Removed. Existing Roof Must Be Removed.