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Louisville Kentucky has been a growing market for metal roofs manufacturing, repairs, and installations. In this article we will discuss reasons for the market increase, metal roofing benefits, and styles.


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Jerry Walsh Skelly chose solar laminate roofing because he wanted to install a green system that would blend into his neighborhood, which abuts a historic district in Louisville, Ky.


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Louisville Metal Roofing Market

Manufacturing, Installation, and Repairs: with a population of 741,096 – the demand for metal roofing products in Louisville has been experiencing a steady increase over the past 5 years. Currently, metal roofing products account for approximately 10% of the entire re-roofing market, and 5.5% of the new construction market. In the year of 2011 alone, 650,000 tons of steel were used for residential roofing. With more and more homeowners discovering the benefits of metal roofing, we would like to step back for a moment and explain why metal roofing is so popular in Louiville, Kentucky and other areas across MidWest.

Metal Pro Roofing Benefits

  • Energy Efficiency – metal roof has a reflective surface, which reflexts sun’s heat back into the atmosphere. This translates into up to 30% energy savings during the hot summer months.
  • Wind Proof – most metal roofs can withstand winds of up to 129mpg, and roof from Metal Pro Roofing withstands winds up to 179mph! This is especially beneficial during the season of blizzards or tornadoes in the area of Louisville Kentucky
  • Scratch-Resistance – roofing products from Metal Pro Roofing undergo a patented powder coating process, which makes the roof scratch-resistant and maintains appearance over the years dramatically, despite climate conditions.
  • Fire Proof – Metal Pro Roofs are made of 24 gauge steel and are inherently non-combustible, which adds an enormous amount of fire protection to your house.
  • Environmentally-Friendly – Metal Pro Roof installation can be performed over your existing roof, eliminating contribution to the landfills & helping our environment.

Louisville Kentucky Contractors

Metal Pro Roofing Metal Solar Roof Installation Project

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Jerry Walsh Skelly says it’s not unusual for people to stop and compliment him on the metal roof of his Louisville, Ky., home when he’s out doing yardwork. What they don’t guess at first glance, though, is that the black panels are capturing solar energy.

“It’s not obvious to the naked eye,” says Walsh Skelly, who opted for a standing seam metal roofing system with thin-film solar panels to re-roof his Colonial home. “Nobody knows there’s solar up there.”

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