Roofing Installation: What You Need To Know

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If you’re looking for roofing installation information, you want to choose a roofer that will do more than one thing for you. First of all, you want a clear assessment of what work needs to be done but you want to be quoted a fair price, as well as to be able to choose the best roofing materials for the job. Important as well is the knowledge that quality workmanship will be completed in a timely manner.

Installation metal pro roofingWhat do you need to know about your roofing installation?

Whether you are re-roofing over existing shingles or ripping the entire roof and starting from scratch, you need to know your house is protected. It’s unfortunate that so many people neglect their roofing repair needs because what they don’t realize is that they could be jeopardizing more than just the fact that they could spring a leak. By the time the water is leaking through and you’re noticing it, there are probably a lot of problems with rotting and mould and mildew in your house.

Not all roofing shingles are created equally and many roof installers will not want to shingle over top of your existing shingles. If you do this, some might not guarantee the roofing job. When you are getting a quotation on having your roof done, a roofing contractor may base part of the rate on the removal of the old shingles which can be impacted by how many layers of shingles are on the roof. The more shingles that need ripping, the more work to remove and the more garbage to remove from the job site.

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Some roofing companies include the fees of dumping the old waste at the end of the job and others charge you based on this. Some still, won’t offer cleanup as part of the job so it’s important to understand what the roofing quote entails. The pitch and height of your roof is also a factor for the fee of installing the new roof. Many roofing companies take into account several things and include the size and pitch, the removal of the old roof and the time of year the roof is being done plus the cost of materials.

Some questions to ask about your roof estimate include:

* What is the guarantee on the new roof?
* What work is being done under the new shingles? For example, ice and water shield paper, wood replacement and or repairs, vent installation, etcetera.
* Will the old roof removal fees be covered by the estimate?
* How long will the job take to be completed? (This answer always depends on the weather but it’s good to get an estimate for how many days the roofing contractor expects the job to take. Many residential roofs take only one day to rip and one day to complete depending on the experience level, size of the roofing crew and size of the house)

It’s a great idea to ask the roofing company or contractor if you can see pictures of the other houses they have completed. It doesn’t hurt either if you see an affiliation or authorized dealer status for a major roof shingle manufacturer.  Your roof is a very important part of your house and a new roofing installation will not only keep your home dry and healthy but can enhance your curb appeal and increase the value of your home.

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