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Metal Pro Solar Systems: Metal Pro Roofing is excited to announce the availability of our Metal Solar Roofing. We know many homeowners are considering installation of solar roofing to generate electricity for their homes but don’t like the look of the traditional approach of installing heavy solar panels on asphalt shingles.

Although traditional panels did generate electricity, they also penetrate the roof causing potential damage in the long run, not to mention an asphalt shingle will fail much sooner than the solar panels anchored on them. When this happens, the homeowner will be faced with added costs other than just replacing the roof. Those solar panels will have to be removed and the replaces onto the new roof costing almost as much as the original installation. YIKES!

Metal Pro Roofing works directly with multiple solar companies to provide the best option for solar application to your home.  We help you navigate the decision making process: types of panels and inverters, location on your home, interconnect agreements with the utility company….anything you need to know, we’ll help you get there.

Our Solar-Powered Facility: In fact, we operate a 200kw system that inverts DC power to AC power. This is one of the largest independently owned systems in the state of Indiana, providing the majority of electricity needed to power our entire manufacturing plant.

Call today to make an appointment with one of our SOLAR SPECIALISTS…they can discuss all your roofing options. Don’t forget to ask about the massive tax credits available for both metal and solar roofing.


There are numerous benefits metal roofs combined with solar power generation.

  • No bulky upright solar panels
  • Lightweight
  • Longer lifetime
  • Does not damage the integrity of your roof by creating areas of potential leakage
  • When looking at metal vs asphalt shingles, also consider that metal roofs will save our landfills from getting more shingles dumped there every 7-10 years. Combined with a beautiful metal roof, solar technology can offer your family a 100% energy-free home, with great curb appeal!