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We had a client who wanted a new metal roof with a stone coated finish. They came to us through our sister company Cornett Roofing. We went to our normal manufacturer and supplier to get their new roof. Little did we know that this was a huge mistake.


After we installed their new roof, we noticed, as did our clients, that the roof was shedding- badly. Our clients were worried that they had made a big misstep of judgment when deciding to buy a metal roof. We could see their panic: they bought a “permanent” roof that was disintegrating right before their eyes. It certainly didn’t look permanent!


So they called us right away and told us to completely tear it off and replace it with a standard roof. They wanted nothing from this roof.


To make matters worse, the old manufacture refused to give a full warranty on the roof. Instead of simply placing a new roof down, they offered to patch the really bad areas and offered a measly 25 percent money back plan. That just wasn’t going to cut it.


At this same time, Metal Pro Roofing was rolling out its first line of products. Thankfully, our clients trusted us- just not their old roof, and we were able to convince them to try our metal roof. So they became our first customer- because they knew that we offered top-of-the-line metal roofs… that really were PERMANENT.